Author photo?      Writing That Connects With the Reader

The best writing does more than simply inform. It gets readers involved in the ideas on the page. It makes an impression on minds, hearts, senses, funny bones.

If that’s the kind of writing you’re looking for, you’re right where you need to be. Please — read on.

Best regards,

Anita Bartholomew

"Anita Bartholomew is one of the best writers I have ever worked with. She is able to distill complicated medical information into a compelling narrative that is easy for the reader to understand. Anita thoroughly researches all her stories and provides fact-checkers with a wealth of backup material, which makes the editorial process run very smoothly. She is a dream to work with."

Nancy Coveney, Magazine Research Editor

"I am moved to tears by this story! Thanks for the fine work."

Jody Rohlena, Magazine Editor

"Many thanks for all the hard work and scrupulous reporting you put into your pieces."

Gary Sledge, Magazine Editor