I’ve authored several books, but only two under my own byline. I ghostwrote the others—medical, business, and fiction. Ghosts are supposed to be invisible. Some will tell you that they don’t exist. So, that’s about as much as I can say here.

My two by-lined books, The Midget’s House, a novel inspired by the legends surrounding the enchanted cottage I once owned in Sarasota, Florida, and Something to Prove, Dr. Yvonne Thornton’s memoir, which I co-authored, have garnered awards and rave reviews. Here are some samples:


…the old gossip about the origins of the house did spark the idea for Anita’s novel. What if the disquiet spirit of a lovely and tragic midget circus performer did inhabit the house? What if she is confused and unable to cross over to the other side until she sorts out what really happened to her? Was she murdered?

“Anita took the idea and let her imagination do the rest, constructing a plot that involves a beguiling 3-foot-tall heroine named Lucinda, the circus impresario who falls in love with her, an evil jealous character named Enid and the modern-day woman who lives in the house.” – Sarasota Herald-Tribune


“Ms Bartholomew did a great job with the descriptions, pulling me in so I could almost smell the popcorn and animals. Lucinda’s tale of struggle and just trying to figure out where she fit in was heartbreaking at times and thrilling at others. I also liked Ms Bartholomew’s portrayal of what it was like to be a ghost. Just being, there but not.” – Mama Knows Books


“I loved this book. Now I might have been a bit pre-disposed to enjoy it considering it’s full of things that interest me: ghosts, history and circus performers, but there is enough charm and grace in the book to entrance any reader.”– A. F. Stewart, Fantasy Author and Reviewer


“Ms. Bartholomew’s writing really stands out … especially when she describes how Lucinda attempts to find her way from the other side to the world of the living. Those interludes had a lyrical and dream-like quality to them.”    Aobibliosphere


“Up to this point my favorite ghost story has always been Henry James’s “The Turn of the Screw.” I fear that Anita Bartholomew shot poor old James down for me with this one and her work has replaced his.”– Don Blankenship, Amazon HALL OF FAME, TOP 50 REVIEWER


Best of the Independent eBook Awards—2012 Best Literary Novel, Runner Up




“Candid and well-written.”—Kirkus Reviews


“Verdict: This book reads as though you’re listening to and talking with a friend at the kitchen table. Thornton’s frank, relaxed manner makes it accessible to general readers as well as students of women’s or African American memoir. Worth considering also for those looking for inspirational reads.”—Library Journal


“No episode of “ER” or “Grey’s Anatomy” could equal the drama Dr. Yvonne Thornton experienced saving the life of a young mother who couldn’t stop bleeding, delivering a baby who had developed outside the womb or performing a Caesarean on a patient that required two operating tables. The prototype of today’s working mother, she accomplished all of this — then raced home to be there for the piano recitals and chess tournaments of her own two children.” — Philadelphia Tribune


Grand Prize Winner of the 2011 New York Book Festival 


Praise from Amazon readers for THE MIDGET’S HOUSE:

“The writing is wonderful. It has a steady and easy flow; the action moves along well so that you never reach a point of boredom & you want to continue reading until the satisfying end.”


“I loved this book so much I want to take a picture of it and hang it in my heart… I finished the book awash in goosebumps. Will read again!”

Susan Gambill-Read

“If you liked Water For Elephants, then you will enjoy The Midget's House.”


“I couldn't put the book down until I had read the last page. Part ghost story, part history, every bit a great read!”

- L. Leander, Author

Praise from Amazon readers for SOMETHING TO PROVE:

“…this book is one that I could not close until it was finished. Dr. Thornton's incredible story is wonderfully written and grabs your attention from page 1. There are chapters which leave you feeling happy, those that leave you feeling sad, and those that leave you feeling shocked. The one emotion however which is constant throughout the book is a feeling of being inspired.

– Nneka

“My book club members are enjoying this book greatly.”

– P.W.

“A must read for the nation.”

– Jameelah S. Muhammad

“I could not put this book down it was so well written. Everyone should read this book and learn a lesson. You can survive if you try hard enough.”

– T. Dotson