Banking on SMEs is Smart Business

Back in the 1970s, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack were lucky enough to get 30 days of credit from their suppliers as they built and sold the world’s first Apple computers in Jobs’s parents’ garage. The two Steves paid their debts from the proceeds, built another batch of Apples, and things snowballed from there. Rewind…Continue Reading

Online Escrow Service Brings Security to Cross-Borders Trade

In today’s world, calling any business exchange “e-commerce” is almost redundant, says Andrew Sokol, General Manager, Emerging Markets at Virtually everything involves e-commerce, even when it doesn’t quite look that way. It’s easy to pin the moniker on a transaction when an SME in Dublin, with a few touches on a tablet or smartphone,…Continue Reading

Bull Marketing

I met Amanda in the ladies’ room of the Marco Island Radisson. The 11-year-old with her long strawberry blond braids had piqued my curiosity. Why was she sitting through the two-day “Wall Street Workshop,” a Wade Cook seminar on stock market speculation? Couldn’t her parents find a sitter? “I wanna get a horse,” the pudgy,…Continue Reading

Field of Schemes

Florida real estate has long been synonymous with speculation. In the 1920s, get-rich-quick dreamers bought up property and then, quickly sold it for a profit to someone who hoped to earn as much selling to the next guy. After the 1920s bust, some properties, notably a Ritz Carlton on a barrier island, stood half-finished for…Continue Reading